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$500 Good Faith Deposit*

1040 Starter Strategic Plan

  • 8 hours/year included

  • 10% off all other work!

  • Extra Work @ $243.00/hr.


$1,000 Good Faith Deposit*

Sch. C Strategic Plan

  • 16 hours/year included

  • 15% off all other work!

  • Extra Work @ $229.50/hr.


$1,000 Good Faith Deposit*

LLC Strategic Plan

  • 36 hours/year  included

  • 25% off all other work!

  • Extra Work @ $202.50/hr.


$1,000 Good Faith Deposit*

Top Tier Strategic Plan

  • 70 hours/year included

  • 30% off all other work!

  • Extra Work @ $189/hr.

  • Your discount extends to your immediate family & employees!

* Good Faith Deposits may be higher for clients with tax problems/compliance issues.  


After your first advisory meeting we usually can advise you on which Subscription Plan fits your needs.

Set a new client advisory meeting now!

Good Faith Deposit: Similar to a security deposit, this money is usually non-refundable and is held indefinitely.  It is only applied to the final invoice if: 
1. Client has no unpaid invoices &
2. ​Signs a waiver stating we completed the engagement in full.

Upfront Fees/Deposits to start work/Estimates: Clients may receive requests for a  fee to be paid at the beginning of a contract for various reasons, such as set up, access, or activation when we accept a project that is expected to take extra hours beyond the subscription for recurring work projects such as bookkeeping, payroll, and tax returns.  For example, if there are back tax returns not filed, a upfront deposit before we begin is often requested.
Engagement Agreement(s):  The Document(s) signed by a Client where the Firm's type of work (scope of duties) and responsibilities are agreed upon when the Firm is Accepting a Client's work.


Our Subscription Pricing

Estimate of hours to do your project(s):  We do our best to signal upfront and throughout the engagement about costs.  Our website ALWAYS HAS OUR PRICING on it.  When you sign your engagement, the hours included in your subscription don't expire, they roll forward the next year if unused.  New clients may need more hours than what they originally subscribed for when unexpected new issues arise.  


If more time is needed - special projects:  Either you can change to a higher subscription to receive the best hourly rate, or the discount of that subscription level applies to the our regular rate.  

Will your work require upfront fees or other deposit?  Special projects usually mean staff swings into action for a period of days or weeks putting in 'extra time' AND we will send you an estimate.  We may require additional upfront costs or deposits for these one and done type special events.     The subscription is designed to cover predictable, recurring work such as monthly books, payroll etc. not one time catch up such as an unfiled payroll return, an amendment etc. that can pop up and need immediate action.


How to keep costs lower?  Pick the right subscription plan to begin with.  There isn't anything to lose, unused hours roll over to the next year.

Having a federally licensed tax professional on your side makes all the difference.
Tax Services
Tax Prep
Tax Strategy
Tax Consults & Questions
S-Corp & Partnerships
Trusts & Estates
Multiple State Issues (Nexus)
FBAR / FinCIN 114
Business Services & Set-Up
Payroll You'll LOVE!
Formation of New Company
S-Corp Set Up
Tax Accounting & Books
QuickBooks & Quicken
Employee/Contractor Set-Up
 Sales Tax
SBA Business Loans
Invoicing - A/P & A/R

Tax Problem Representation
IRS & State Letters
Offer In Compromises
Un-filed Return Issues
Non-Collectible Status
Installment Agreements
Payroll Problems
Tax Liens & Garnishments
When is Bankruptcy an Option?


We have federal licenses and take over 60 hours of continuing education annually. 

We can make your business more profitable by deploying the best tax procedures & lowering your risks.

Sole-Proprietors - Schedule C

Real Estate for Lease or Investment



Trusts & Estates

About Us

Our experts are the finest

Having a federally licensed tax professional in your corner makes all the difference.

Twin Cities Tax provides you with the guidance and encouragement needed to seize opportunities and achieve your goals.  (As well as save taxes along the way)

Portia Vogt, EA NTPI - Federally Licensed, Owner

FT Staff:

Mathias Becker, AFSP - Preparer

Dana Dickerson - Exec. Asst.

Bailey Goldman, AFSP - Accountant


A Few of our Client Testimonials

I just wanted to thank you for helping my parents out!   After years of dealing with their tax issues, you’ve really been an answer to a lot of prayers. More
Cathy M.
I would highly recommend Portia to anyone.  She knows how to get you the most of what you earned back. More
I have recommended her to several people and will continue to do so moving forward.  She doesn't miss a thing. More
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