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FAQs - Who are we a good fit for?!

#1 - There is a LOT of paperwork the first year.  Are you willing to invest the extra effort?

Steps to become a Client:

Then we start the tax preparation, accounting and/or other services for you....

#2 - If you Prefer In Person or Want to Talk - We are here ALL YEAR AROUND:

You can reach us at 612-200-2705  and know that whoever is free first will call back!

#3-  Our goal - quality that pays off long term. 

We earn our keep by asking questions and getting to know your unique situations is how we develop a long term tax strategy that saves a Client thousands over time.  

Ready to Start without an Interview first? Click below to start:

Step 1- Complete the New Client Onboarding Form page.

The notifications we send after you complete this will help guide you through the rest of the process.

Step 2-  Watch your email and/or for texts from 612-200-2705 for notifications on your next steps.

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