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Onboarding Deadline for 2023 Tax Returns to be filed by April 15, 2024 is  2/28/2024

After 2/28/24 we may need to place new clients on extension.

New Client Onboarding Takes Extra Time:

The first year both the client and staff will invest extra effort filling in forms, signing an engagement, & onboarding information to our firm. 

Most new clients are able to onboard much of the information themselves remotely with our Portal. 

Providing information organized and already in electronic format to us using the portal

keeps billable time lower compared to manually scanning in person.

The New Client Onboarding Steps:

Step 1- Fill out an Onboarding Form, then follow the emails we send. 

The notifications we send guide you through the rest of the process.

Step 2- Pay the Deposit Invoice.  The deposit is applied to the final invoice.

We work returns on a first come, first served basis based upon who makes their deposit and provides their forms first.

1040 with no extra schedules/forms

 Require a $500 Deposit*

Complex 1040, 1120S, 1065, 1041

All business owners/Rentals/Digital Assets

Foreign Tax Reporting

 Require a minimum $1,000 Deposit*

* If after we review your items, if you have a complex need, you may be asked to make additional deposits.

Step 3- Login & Activate your Portal: 

After you fill out the Consent Form  and make a deposit, you will receive an email inviting you to your secure portal.  Our staff usually sets up your portal within 1 business day of making your deposit.

Step 4- Use your Portal to upload forms (ours & yours) or set an appointment.

Return Engagement & Questionnaire (Required)

Tax & Financial Documents

or set a "Get Organized" meeting.

Link to List of common items you'll need to provide


Now you are a client and simply follow the

5 EZ Steps for Tax Work Each Year thereafter.

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