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Price Transparency

By the hour - $270*/Hr.

After 5 PM and Weekends - $324/Hour

Tax Problem Services - $324/Hour 

* Our Minimum deposit for a 1040 for a 1st year client is $500. 
Our Monthly VIP Subscribers receive discounts on these rates!
Why avoid the 1 hour tax firm:

The norm in the tax industry is to push tax preparers to "do" a return in one hour.  They will ask little to no questions and simply punch in whatever you write down or verbally say.  A 'cheap' return means that they are only responsible for data entry and not responsible for teaching you the right way to do things or explain your situation. 


When you hire us, you are paying for our expertise/analysis and for being loyal to your best interests, not for punching buttons!  Think about it, with all the tax law rules and changes, is it logical a one hour appt. or DIY software is going to benefit you? A one hour compressed tax prep session is likely to lead to mistakes, misconceptions and paying too much tax. For most taxpayers, thinking about taxes only once a year is a poor choice.

FAQ Price:

How long will my return take/what will it cost?*

"Simple" 1040 for a technology comfortable taxpayer that can use our Portal and electronic meetings/forms:

1.5 Hours = Approx. $500

How much for my "kids" return?*

Your college or high school student's return will likely take 45 minutes to 2 hours the first year.  It depends on if they are organized or we have to 'chase' them to find the information or they show up missing something.  

How long do business returns take?* (Assumes we've been hired to do your books)

"Sm. Biz" Schedule C with the bookkeeping already perfect, add approx. $500

Rental Property with the bookkeeping already perfect, add approx. $250

1 set of Investments or 1 K1 Form add about $125

* Estimates based upon client who has ALL forms and OUR REQUIRED QUESTIONAIRE filled out and delivered to our office electronically. 


Other things that can increase cost:  (The following costs vary when client requires ongoing assistance)
  • Doing your own bookkeeping and then we have to fix it. (significant extra time - let us do this!)
  • Paper documents add scanning and filing time of approximately $75. 
  • Buying/selling crypto (cost varies widely, we recommend booking a consult)
  • Frequent trading of investments (1-6 hours)
  • Changes in marital status (1-3 hours)
  • Divorce/custodial issues (costs vary widely depending on dispute potential over kiddos)
  • Poor record keeping, missing items (Costs vary widely)
  • Depreciation (About 15 minutes for a new entry)
  • Multi-state issues (costs vary widely)
  • COMMUNICATION/NOT USING PORTAL: Difficulty reaching clients, low technology skills.
  • health issues causing delays or need to provide extra accommodations.
  • Ignoring our recommendations/need to repeat tax education and consultations.
  • Desire to argue tax law/politics - going negative instead of forward focus on tax strategies.

Do we earn our keep?  Of course we do! Client Testimonials...

 “...I used to use Turbo Tax to 'save money'.  Then I had a problem.  I was referred to Portia and was very worried about paying by the hour because I knew it was going to cost more to file my taxes than Turbo Tax cost.  However, Portia and her staff are worth every penny and then some!

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