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Our business clients routinely comment that our staff has set up the best payroll they've ever had!

The employees also report our service is easier to use than other payroll solutions, which builds the confidence of workers in the company.  We set up an easy to use software that automatically calculates, deposits, and files your payroll taxes.  

As new regulations role out, we keep you in the loop and with the push of a few buttons - your compliance is set up!


  • Employees onboard entirely online or using their cell.

  • It's EZ to add contractors

  • EZ reimbursements where employees just use their phone to upload requests.

We share access with you, allowing you to do what you want and delegate what you don't to us as accountants.
It's that easy!


SOFTWARE PRICING:  $40-$100/month plus $6-$12 person depending on the complexity and size of your company.

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