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FAQs on Tax Prep

 When do companies send tax forms by mail or post to an online account? (Feb. is "form month")

Tax documents such as W2 & 1099 forms are generally due to be provided to a taxpayer in the first week of February.  Those pesky brokerage statements and some K1 forms are not final until March/April.  It’s perfectly fine to add items as they come in and then check them off the checklist!  It feels good to make progress.


Where on earth are my tax forms? If I lost them, what do I do? 

Answer: Quite possibly a copy of the tax form is now online!

Some tax forms are still mailed, however, for many YOU SIMPLY LOGIN to the bank, college, or financial site to download forms!  We recommend you login to banks, brokerages, colleges, MNSURE Exchange, etc. and check for your forms there if you haven’t seen them by Feb. 15th.  It’s so easy to download and upload back to your Portal!


What’s the deadline to upload/drop off my stuff?

If you haven’t submitted all your items within 21 days of the filing deadline, you have a high likelihood you’re going to need an extension.  Avoid having to pay a penalty by being proactive.


Can I just drop off my documents or arrange a meeting to do my return in person?

Yes, set times at our website.  If you call, our staff can take your deposit and set your time.  Please note that in person services often cost more because it’s less efficient THAN if a client can master the online tools.  We simply track the time each client needs so it’s fair to everyone.


How long until you will have my return done?

Many returns need a two (2) week calendar span from when all info is provided.  We work on the first client to make deposit & have their forms in, are done first calendar.  As we get closer to the deadline, it’s possible we will be even farther out than 2 weeks for completing returns.


We VALUE YOU; we want to give clients a GREAT experience.

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