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After You Make a Deposit, We Swing Into Action!

Clients who seek once a year tax services make a deposit to get work started.  Generally, we have a return ready within two weeks from when all forms are to us.  The deposit is applied to the final invoice when your return is ready.  Tax returns cannot be filed until paid in full. 

If your project runs more than two weeks, because we need more information, or it is complex, we may need to send you monthly invoices until your project completes. 

Below is a general overview of how much of a deposit you'll need to start work.

What is a basic return?

** No complex issues listed to the right>>>

W2 income in only one state

SSA 1099 (Social Security)

A well-organized client with all their paperwork ready and signed!

Client is 'technology' savvy

What is likely a complex return issue?

Virtual Currency

Multiple State Returns

International Reporting

1120S (S Corps)

1065 (Partnerships)

Sch. C (LLC/Sole Proprietorship)


Gig Economy/Venmo/Peer Payments

Large Brokerage Docs

Earned Income Credit


More than one dependent

Divorce Issues

People living in your home over 17 years old

Kids are now college students

Client has missing records or no records

Client doesn't like/use technology 

Other unusual events

** Unfiled Back Returns & Audit Work may require higher deposits.

* Please note:  To perform our work, clients will need to sign an engagement, fill out their organizer completely, and document identity and # of nights children slept in your household.

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