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VIP Client Service

We strive to make our subscribers feel valued! 

Loyalty is a two way street.  No chat windows, no foreign workers, no repeating, no working with a stranger!  

Relax, we got this!

PLUS, VIPS receive FREE Concierge services! (Scroll down)

Our VIP Clients pay a predictable monthly amount.  If there is a need for more hours than your subscription, we will contact you to clearly explain the how, what & why before tackling the special need.  


Need Representation?
IRS & State letters & Audits

VIP Clients get the same discount rate instead of paying the $300/rate our federally licensed Enrolled Agent bills out to non-subscribers at.

It's great to be a high roller!

Give your discount to your Family & Team!

VIP Subscriber's can share their preferred rate & service level.  VIPs don't have to share hours.   We separately track and bill those you choose to benefit from knowing you!   Call or email us the name of those you wish to extend the preferred plan to and we will reach out to assist them.

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