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The Client Steps - Referrals

 Even though each return has its own needs, scrolling through this page and selecting a box will allow you to assure you are on track with the client steps.

01 - (First Year)

Onboard Using the
Onboard Button

We protect your personal security & privacy. IRS & the GLBA  (Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act)  require we gather your permissions in writing.  Please give us permission to use our software - it saves a lot of time and increases accuracy!

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03 - Activate your Portal When Invited

04- Make A Deposit

05- Upload/Provide Forms
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Please stay tuned!!!

Once you have completed steps 1-5, we will begin processing and preparing your return(s).  During this time it is helpful if we can reach you when something is needed.

Every Year

Click above for the page to get the required forms.  Returning clients will have an organizer uploaded to their portal.  They will need to login to the Portal to get the organizer.  PLEASE USE OUR PORTAL TO SEND US FORMS.

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Provide Your Tax Forms & Info

Upload (or drop off) all tax documents

Please DO NOT EMAIL FORMS.  Tax forms and information should be delivered securely.  We prefer that everything be in our hands before we begin work if possible.  

If you need EXTRA help getting organized set a "Get Organized Appointment" or call 763-313-3683 for help setting an appointment.

SECURE UPLOAD - Please use the Portal (login or guest)

DROP OFF - Please set a Drop Off Appointment in person

Schedule a Tax Review & Advisory Meeting. 

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Generally, we prompt you when your return is ready.  If you wish to schedule a time before we prompt you, please be sure the date you select is at least 7+ Days after you've provided all your information.

Sign it!

After the review meeting you  sign & return forms.  Don't forget to download your copy!

A form 8879 must be signed by clients to send their federal forms, some states have extra forms too!  Be sure you retrieve a copy and keep it safe.  Ultimately the responsibility to have an accurate return and keep a copy lies with the taxpayer.

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